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Are you still doing the 9-5 job and still not earning a bigger value? Is there any plan of your to start a side hustle? If yes then why not start it immediately.

Worried about the investment or infrastructure cost? Don’t have the courage to face the challenges? Let me tell you no one can start a business without taking the risk. So, take the risk and give it a go. 

You will find plenty of options for starting your business online. You can start a blog, do affiliate marketing, run an online store, do the data entry work, etc. But apart from all these, there is one such option that will make you feel proud and create an identity of your brand in the market. It is the easiest and the most trustable option to start a business. 

Eager to know what’s that? It is to sell web hosting services. What? Got afraid of this technical term? 

You browse hundreds of websites daily. Have you ever thought how those are accessible? No. All the websites that you browse have their files stored on a server. When the visitor browses a website, the browser requests the server to display the site’s information. In return, the server sends all the essential data and web pages get displayed in the browser. All this seems to be too technical for you but don’t worry you don’t have to explain this while selling web hosting services. Remember until any website is not hosted on a server, it can’t be accessible to anyone. 

Now to start selling web hosting to your clients, you will need to buy a reseller hosting plan. You can buy a best hosting reseller plan, divide the packages as per your requirements, add your own price tags to earn profit, display the packages on your website and start selling them with your own brand name. Simple, isn’t it?

Tell me is there any business such easy as selling web hosting services? I haven’t found yet and I am sure you too won’t find it.

Process of Starting a Web Hosting Business

  • First of all design your website for selling web hosting services and give good name to your company or business.
  • Then search for a good web hosting provider and buy a suitable plan.
  • Divide the packages as per your preference and add a price tag so that you can earn profit from it.
  • Display those packages on your website and start selling. 

Features to Look for in Reseller Hosting Provider

White Label Reseller: Check if the web hosting provider you have selected offers white label reseller hosting. White label allows you to sell the web hosting services to your clients with your own brand name. Your reseller partner’s name won’t be displayed anywhere. You will be a completely new web hosting provider for your clients.

Highest Uptime: No hosting provider can offer you an uptime of 100% as there are plenty of issues occurring on the internet. But you should be provider with an uptime that is at least near to 100%. There are many web hosting providers that offer an uptime of 99.9%. Consider them while selecting your reseller partner.

24*7 Customer Support: Look if the web hosting provider you have selected offers 24*7 customer support service. If they have limited time for contact then you will be in trouble as your customers will contact you at any time for queries. Also, confirm if the provider has multiple options to reach them such as live chat, phone, email, etc. 

Performance and Time Saving Features: Check if the web host offers you performance as well as time saving features such as SSDs, 1-click app installer, control panel, website builder, WHM, etc.

WHMCS Billing Software: With the WHMCS reseller hosting, You should get WHMCS billing software with your reseller hosting plan. WHMCS makes your task management easy by automating them. Tasks such as renewing customer subscriptions, invoicing and collecting payments from customers become easier with WHMCS.

Customer Reviews: Go through the customer reviews of the web host that you select. If the reviews are positive, the web host is good. But if the list contains more negative reviews and just complaints about the web host then avoid buying a reseller plan from them.

The Bottom Line

Starting a web hosting business is not harder if you have the basic understanding of website hosting. Also, it is a trustable business to start with less investment and no infrastructure. You just have to buy the reseller plan and start selling according to your clients’ requirements. There are many web hosts that help you to earn more than this by offering a domain reseller account and allowing you to sell addons.

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