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The Best Internet Providers In My Area

The best internet provider (ISP) for you depends on which companies are available in your area and how you’ll be using the internet connection. The unfortunate truth of internet providers is that regional monopolies and natural topography prevent providers from being available everywhere.

We’ve done individual reviews of the various internet types, but if you aren’t sure what’s best for you yet, we’ve rounded up our favorites in each category below to help you find the best internet service.

The 7 Best Internet Service Providers

AT&T Fios by Verizon HughesNet Frontier Spectrum CenturyLink Xfinity
Best for Customer service Fiber internet Satellite internet Cheap internet Bundling Business internet Fastest Top Speed
Connection type DSL, Fiber-Optic Fiber-Optic Satellite DSL, Fiber-Optic Cable, Fiber-Optic DSL, Fiber-Optic Fiber-Optic
Prices starting at $40/mo. $40/mo. $60/mo. $28/mo. $50/mo. $50/mo. $20/mo.
Download speeds (Mbps) DSL: 0.2-100 Fiber: 100-1,000 DSL: 0.5-15 Fiber:
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