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Finance Pros Say WFH Boosts Productivity

September 29, 2020 | technology | No Comments

Almost two-thirds of financial services professionals have increased their productivity while working from home during the coronavirus crisis.

A new report from lobby group Humans in Finance found that 63% of survey respondents were more productive working remotely, with 18% experiencing a decline. Some 70% said their work-life balance had improved, while 58% reported improved health and wellbeing.

The survey – Remote Working in Finance: COVID-19 & Beyond – quizzed more than 600 finance professionals in over 80 locations across 6 continents. In addition to the above findings, it reveals that:

  • only 3% want to work entirely from the office post-COVID
  • 95% believe employers should offer a range of remote / in-office workplace options
  • 80% are excited by the prospect of working from any location they choose
  • 83% believe remote working could reduce carbon emissions / improve the environment
  • 75% say firms will struggle to attract and retain
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Kush Finance

Kush Finance
Kush Finance
Kush Finance

TALLINN, Estonia, Sept. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) ecosystem is gradually shifting from the very fundamental aspect of decentralization to using what are called ‘governance tokens.’ These types of digital assets have become popular since DeFi picked up earlier in the year, and then gained momentum when Compound launched its ‘COMP’ governance token in June. While they have emerged as the fuel for DeFi network growth, some innovators are taking advantage of the asymmetry in technical knowledge and issuing governance tokens mainly to the developing team.

Well, a recently debuted project dubbed ‘Kush Finance’ is returning the DeFi ecosystem back to its basics using its own governance token, called ‘kSEED.’ Unlike other DeFi projects that have allocated a significant amount of governance tokens to a small group, the Kush Finance DeFi token is designed to turn kSEED holders into a

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