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Sept. 28 (UPI) — A London judge on Monday ruled that ride-share giant Uber can operate in the city, following months of legal gridlock.

London transportation officials had suspended Uber’s license to operate over fears that troubles with the company’s app compromised riders’ information.

In his ruling Monday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Tanweer Ikram determined that Uber was “fit and proper” to hold a London private hire vehicle operator’s license, finding that Uber has made fixes to the app.

The ruling allows Uber to continue operating in London. For nearly two months, the company has been allowed to continue operating in the city during the appeals process.

Transport for London had argued that a glitch in the app allowed unauthorized drivers to access driver accounts and illegally pick up passengers.

The transportation authority flagged Uber last November and denied a license for a second time.

Uber argued that it fixed the

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To businesses, a website is the foundation of operations of their online marketing activities. It allows viewers to know more about their company, products and/or services.

If a packaging tells a lot about the object inside, the way a website looks reveals much more about a company or business.

For a website to be set apart from the rest, it needs a design that reflects the values that a company wants their potential customers to associate with their brand. To help decide on what is best for them, these are 5 website designs that are ideal for manufacturing companies.

Responsive Web Design Layout

When a website is responsive, its pages load fast and render well in various resolutions and on different devices whether it is a tablet, desktop and mobile phone. It also indicates a useful manufacturing site.

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