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AI Can’t Flourish Without a Physical Body

October 6, 2020 | computer | No Comments

Know Thyself

If we ever want to develop the kind of advanced, thoughtful AI shown in science fiction, it might need a human-like body.

Aberystwyth University computer scientist Mark Lee argues that a truly advanced AI system that can learn from and interact with its environment must have a robotic body as well. Lee wrote in The Conversation that otherwise, even the best AI couldn’t develop the sense of self that gives us humans a subjective viewpoint and helps us infer things about the world.

Growing Up

Lee cites recent attempts to teach AI algorithms in a way that mirrors how infants learn about the world, by slowly learning the rules through experimentation while taking in and interpreting their surroundings. This way, he argues, AI-driving robots may someday become empathetic enough that we could develop a relationship with them.

“So while disembodied AI definitely has a fundamental limitation,” Lee wrote

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