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TikTok won a last-minute reprieve late Sunday as a US federal judge halted enforcement of a politically charged ban ordered by the Trump administration on downloads of the popular video app, hours before it was set to take effect.

District Judge Carl Nichols issued a temporary injunction at the request of TikTok, which the White House has called a national security threat stemming from its Chinese parent firm’s links to the Beijing government.

The opinion was sealed, so no reason for the decision was released in a brief order by the court in Washington. The judge may unseal portions of the order after consulting with lawyers from both sides.

The Trump administration order had sought to ban new downloads of the app from midnight (0400 GMT Monday) but would allow use of TikTok until November 12, when all usage would be blocked. The judge denied TikTok’s request to suspend the

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Apple halts fee on Facebook paid online events

September 27, 2020 | technology | No Comments

Apple will no longer collect a 30% fee on Facebook’s paid online events.

James Martin/CNET

For the remainder of 2020, Apple will stop collecting a 30% App Store tax for Facebook’s paid online events feature, which is geared toward helping small businesses make money during the coronavirus pandemic. On Friday, Facebook said businesses can now keep all their earnings from paid online events, minus applicable taxes, until Dec. 31. 

Facebook Pay will be used to process all paid online events purchases, which means businesses and creators won’t have to pay that 30% App Store tax through the rest of the year. 

“This is a difficult time for small businesses and creators, which is why we are not collecting any fees from paid online events while communities remain closed for the

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