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Hi-Tech Gadgets Your Wife Will Love

May 4, 2020 | gadget | No Comments

When we hear the word ‘gadget’, we typically think of some dorky gizmo that only geeky guys could really appreciate. But since gadgets are really small items designed to perform a task that makes our lives a bit easier, there are plenty of examples that even the most sophisticated among us can enjoy.

Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frames look just like a regular picture frame you might find on a fireplace mantle or dresser top. But they are actually small LCD screens, with memory cards that store photos. You can upload digital pictures from the various storage media, like USB drives, SD cards, etc, or by connecting it directly to the computer. Then it displays the image in a slideshow, changing from one photo to the next. They often come with very nice-looking frames that make them blend in.

Media Capture Devices

That’s a fancy way of saying “camera”. … Read More