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Go Go Inspector Gadget Funko Pops

September 28, 2020 | gadget | No Comments


Wowsers! Beloved ’80s cartoon Inspector Gadget just got its first Pop figures from Funko, and wave 1 includes Inspector Gadget (with a chance to score a rare hat badge Chase), Inspector Gadget with his Gadget ‘Copter deployed, and Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny.

Pre-order links for the Inspector Gadget Pop figures are available below. Go Go get them. Hopefully we’ll get Pop figures of Brain, Chief Quimby, and M.A.D. Cat down the line, but it’s safe to say that everyone is waiting how Funko will handle Dr. Claw. How do you make a Funko Pop of a metal hand on a chair?

For those who might not know, Inspector Gadget was something of a staple in programming blocks aimed at children back in the 1980s and 1990s. The American-Canadian collaboration centered around a police inspector that resembled an extremely lighthearted Robocop. The gruff but determined Chief Quimby sent the hero out

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Here’s Shuki Levy’s theme from Inspector Gadget performed on an 8-pack of cellos by Samara Ginsberg. The gadget theme is a variation of the melody from Edvard Grieg’s In the Hall of the Mountain King and a widely-sampled and borrowed motif in pop music.

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Inspector Gadget @ 80s Cartoons

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80s Cartoons gifts


Inspector Gadget Cartoon

Title: Inspector Gadget
Country of Origin: France/Canada/USA/Japan/Taiwan
Produced by:
DiC Entertainment / Nelvana
Air Date:
Number of Episodes:
Episode Length:
22 minutes
UK Channel: ?

80s Cartoons retro rating: 4/5
Inspector Gadget Retro Rating: 4/5

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A British inspector who has the ability to command a helicopter to come out of his head or roller skates to come out of his shoes, attempts to stop the evil MAD agents from their evil plans. Luckily for Gadget he has his neice, Penny, aiding him with her computer book and she has her faithful and super intelligent dog Brain.

Inspector Gadget Theme

Inspector Gadget theme:

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Inspector Gadget Lyrics

Inspector Gadget lyrics:

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Go Gadget Go!
Go Gadget Go!


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S01:E01 – Monster Lake

Gadget saves a scientist from Dr. Claw.

S01:E02 – Down On The Farm

Gadget seeks lost explorers in Malaysia.

S01:E03 – Gadget At The Circus

M.A.D. tries to destroy a circus.

S01:E04 – The Amazon

Dr. Claw tries to kidnap Professor Von Slicksfein.

S01:E05 – Health Spa

Gadget vacations at a health spa.

S01:E06 – The Boat

A jewelry heist on a luxury liner.

S01:E07 – Haunted Castle

A crime fighter’s convention.

S01:E08 – Race To The Finish

Dr. Claw plans to win a million-dollar prize.

S01:E09 – The Ruby

Dr. Claw steals the ruby of India.

S01:E10 – A Star Is Lost

Gadget guards a famous rock star.

S01:E11 – All That Glitters

Gadget and Penny uncover a gold temple.

S01:E12 – Movie Set

Gadget protects military secrets.

S01:E13 – Amusement Park

A bomb is hidden in an amusement park.

S01:E14 – Art Heist


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Inspector Gadget | Disney Movies

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Inspector Gadget (1983 TV series)

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Inspector Gadget is an animated television show produced by DiC Entertainment, which the titular character serves as the mascot for.

Inspector Gadget[edit]

  • Stop/halt in the name of the law! You’re under arrest!
  • (Reading) ‘This message will self destruct.’
  • Don’t worry, Chief, I’m always on duty.
  • Am I right? Inspector Gadget is always right.
  • This car is acting funny. Ah, of course, the emergency brake is on.
  • Go Go Gadget mini suit! Go Go Gadget mini shoes and mini hat!
  • Wowsers! It’s the top secret Gadget phone. (Talks into hand) Is that you, Chief? You’re where? Right away.
  • An air show? Now why would anybody want to pay to see air?
  • All work and no play makes Gadget a dull boy.
  • (Falling) Go Go Gadget ‘Brella!! (Hand delivers flowers) Go Go Gadget Copter!! (Another useless Gadget) GO GO
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Inspector Gadget – TV Show Reviews

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  • Season 2 Overview

    Air Date: October 26, 1985

  • tbd

    S2:E42. M.A.D. Academy

    Air Date: November 8, 1983

  • tbd

    S2:E36. Double Agent

    Air Date: October 31, 1983

  • tbd

    S2:E35. Parched Nemesis

    Air Date: February 20, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E34. The Heir Affhair

    Air Date: February 15, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E33. MADthuselah

    Air Date: February 13, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E32. The MADstache of Professor Coin

    Air Date: February 8, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E32. Under the MADnight Sun

    Air Date: January 25, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E32. Clear Case

    Air Date: October 25, 1983

  • tbd

    S2:E31. Once Upon a Screentime

    Air Date: February 6, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E31. Panda-monium

    Air Date: January 23, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E30. Fate It Til You Make It

    Air Date: February 1, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E30. Star Power

    Air Date: January 18, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E30. Japanese Connection

    Air Date: October 21, 1983

  • tbd

    S2:E29. Too Many Talons

    Air Date: January 16, 2018

  • tbd

    S2:E28. Anti-Gravity

    Air Date:

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    Based on the popular cartoon character of the same name, Inspector Gadget is an adventure comedy about a somewhat naive and inept security guard, John Brown, whose big heart is equal to his far-fetched dreams of becoming the world’s greatest police officer. However, nothing is impossible. Suddenly unexpected circumstances make him the ideal candidate for a top secret law enforecment project, and pretty scientist Dr. Brenda Bradford applies her expertise in robotics to build him into a man of many talents–and accessories. Using a vast array of grafted-on gizmos and doohickies to bust bad guys, the often clueless Inspector Gadget must also employ his common sense to crack an especially complicated case. As he penetrates Riverton City’s darkest underworld, Inspector Gadget must save not only his good name and reputation, but also rescue the world from the nefarious Claw.

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