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There are both positive and negative aspects of neuro linguistic programming or NLP. Unfortunately, few people have a comprehensive understanding of this term, even though they are subject to it each and everyday. More importantly, many of the companies, organizations and individuals who know how to manipulate this concept, often do so with unethical intentions.

NLP is essentially the study of how verbal communication impacts the human brain. The words that you hear are actually responsible for shaping your perceptions, ideas and even your actions. This is the basic idea behind positive reinforcement. In studies, words of encouragement have been shown to create major improvements in attitudes and behaviors. Neuro linguistic programming defines why this works.

Conversely, negative words also impact those who hear them. People who are constantly surrounded by negative people will often fall prey to their negative speak. Words of discouragement will usually cause a person to … Read More

Neuro-linguistic has been considered a training language of the mind to control and reprogram it to achieve the goals. NLP techniques are getting popular as a popular tool to facilitate learning, training, sales, and business, professional and personal development.

However, finding a right source that offers practical exercises and comprehensive detail about NLP is still a painful task.

Neuro-linguistic programming by Randy Johnson is a perfect addition for those who were confused by the theoretical based explanatory material on NLP and stopped implementing all the techniques considering it a purely professional thing they cannot practice.

Johnson’s NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING is a comprehensive, research-based discussion on NLP, considering every possible question that clients, readers and potential users may have in their mind.

This book covers all the practical content with the aim of providing the most workable techniques anyone can implement. The writer is so conscious about “how to do it”, … Read More