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High-tech hearing aids for gadget lovers

September 29, 2020 | gadget | No Comments

At this year’s CES, I wrote about a new wave of smart hearing tech. Some were assistive devices designed for those with only mild problems. Others were full-fledged hearing aids stuffed with smart features. This year, hearing technology continues to move away from stuffy medical devices to the more razzmatazz world of consumer electronics.

a desktop computer sitting on top of a desk: High tech hearing aids

High tech hearing aids

Two of the biggest brands, Phonak and Widex, each have new flagship offerings this year. Both products come laden with tech, and for those who need a hearing aid every day, your next device could integrate into your connected world like never before. I tested the new flagships (the Phonak Paradise and Widex Moment) head to head to see which one has the most “tech appeal” (and, of course, which one sounds the best).


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Both the Phonak Paradise and the Widex Moment offer all the features you’d expect from a

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We are accustomed to being constantly exposed to stimulus…be it shopping, Netflix, Instagram, or the tons of other attention-stealing activities that rule our day, attention is the currency these days and we have been too busy looking and being lost in all these until we were quarantined. Being limited in our space and exposure, we have come to see and appreciate the objects we own. Everyday common designs such as the humble mouse are such a part of our routine, we never really see how we could differentiate in them! In come the designers who took it up as a challenge to make the best of this gadget. From environmentally conscious design, a Charles Eames inspired design to a mouse design that runs away from you when your working hours are over, there is a mouse design you never knew you wanted but now that you see it, you surely

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Gift Ideas For Gadget Lovers

May 1, 2020 | gadget | No Comments

So what is considered a gadget? Is it a gizmo? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary: a gadget is often a small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. Do they really mean useless items that people have a lot of fun playing with? Sometimes! Futile or with a purpose, the gadgets below make perfect unique gifts no matter what the occasion. Gadget lovers will be going gaga!

Atomic Projection Clock: An amazing gift idea for any gadget guru. They’ll feel like they’ve stepped into a warp zone with the time glowing all around them. It’s a no glasses needed, no hassles self-setting way to gift them the gift of time. You can find these at any electronics store or online.

Lightning Detector: Gadget lovers rejoice! This is the mother of all gadgets! A lightning detector can track storm patterns and even report … Read More