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As we’ve seen in the previous articles on remote working and building better business continuity, the challenging conditions of 2020 have changed how we work, and for many of us, working remotely is the way forward. That has had a substantial impact on IT environments and the priorities of enterprises of all sizes, but there’s one other piece of the puzzle — the “soft” impacts of remote working on staff, and how to manage that to maintain productivity, efficiency, and morale.

Earlier this year, a study found that over half of employees were feeling “burned out” by their jobs, and the principle causes of this were the lack of separation between work and life, and an unmanageable workload. The problem that many organisations have faced is that through the mad scramble to enable remote work as social distancing and lockdowns became mandatory, the focus was on work enablement rather than

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The productivity of most software development teams actually went up during the Covid crisis, a new survey shows. But if you’re a software developer, you know that’s the way things work. Work disruptions and budget cuts aside, software can be built, tested and deployed from anyplace in the world. 


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And through the crisis, software team productivity held up very well, thank you. The survey of 347 IT managers, conducted by Accelerated Strategies Group (ASG) for CloudBees, finds a majority, 59 percent, said their software teams “are significantly or somewhat more productive” than pre-crisis, and 43 percent say it has become somewhat easier to complete their work tasks in a timely fashion. 

The ASG data showed that software teams are working more closely with product management, project management, operations and security.  In addition, 61 percent of IT managers found it easier to work across time zones, with 40

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