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No one should doubt that gambling addiction is a real problem. Nor should we be blind to the fact that a part of what is generated as gambling-related revenue — whether it be through the PlayAlberta website or any other form of legal gaming in Alberta — comes out of the pocket of those who may have gotten in over their heads or from those who may not be able to afford their losses.

However, we should also not fall into the trap of thinking that in the absence of a provincially regulated online gaming option that those inclined to make use of such a portal will simply find something else to occupy their time. It’s not a question of whether people will partake in online gaming but how they choose to do so.

PlayAlberta is still a work in progress, with more gaming options to be

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Sept. 28 (UPI) — A London judge on Monday ruled that ride-share giant Uber can operate in the city, following months of legal gridlock.

London transportation officials had suspended Uber’s license to operate over fears that troubles with the company’s app compromised riders’ information.

In his ruling Monday, Deputy Chief Magistrate Tanweer Ikram determined that Uber was “fit and proper” to hold a London private hire vehicle operator’s license, finding that Uber has made fixes to the app.

The ruling allows Uber to continue operating in London. For nearly two months, the company has been allowed to continue operating in the city during the appeals process.

Transport for London had argued that a glitch in the app allowed unauthorized drivers to access driver accounts and illegally pick up passengers.

The transportation authority flagged Uber last November and denied a license for a second time.

Uber argued that it fixed the

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