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On Wednesday, the right-wing news aggregation website Revolver.news published an “exclusive” article calling on law enforcement officials to open fire on protesters in Louisville and elsewhere. While many right-wing media outlets and commentators have echoed calls for “law and order,” what make the Revolver article of interest is the name of one of its biggest promoters…

President Trump.

The article by Revolver, published on Wednesday, was written in response to the violent protests in Louisville following the Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement. The article, which starts off by saying “it’s time to consider the unthinkable,” calls on Kentucky officials to use deadly force to quell the unrest.

“The [Department of Justice] and local police forces could take some inspiration from the words of President Trump: ‘When the looting starts, the shooting starts.’ If violent riots break out in Louisville in the days to come, authorities have a moral duty

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