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Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

Earlier this year, medical device maker Masimo filed a complaint against Apple alleging that the tech giant had stolen information and trade secrets for sensor technologies that have become features of its Apple Watches. Now, Masimo is claiming that Apple’s attempts to stay the case are merely thinly veiled attempts to sell more smartwatches.

In its complaint filed back in January, Masimo alleged that it met with Apple confidentially in 2013 to discuss Masimo’s sensor technology, a meeting that was allegedly followed by Apple attempting to poach Masimo employees—including, notably, Masimo’s chief medical officer Michael O’Reilly (who now works for Apple’s health projects division). Masimo claims that while working for Apple, former Masimo employees filed patents for technologies used on various iterations of the Apple Watch that they had knowledge of being in development at Masimo and Masimo spin-off Cercacor.

Allegations of information theft

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