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A website dedicated to publishing pictures of and identifying Covid-19-related skin rashes has been criticised for sharing just two BAME examples.

The British Association of Dermatologists’ Covid-19 Skin Patterns website features around 400 images of Covid-19 associated rashes, but the collection features very few pictures of people with darker skin tones.

It shares images of rashes which were gathered by the Covid Symptom Study app in response to growing evidence that they are a side effect of the disease.

The list ranges from prickly heat and chickenpox-type rashes to raised itchy hives and chilblain-like “Covid fingers and toes.”

Evidence from the app showed the rashes were present in around 9 per cent of app users who had tested positive for Covid-19. Meanwhile, a sixth of children experienced a rash and no other symptoms.

Cosmetic doctor and founder of Adonia Medical clinic, Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, told

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