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If you’ve ever used Adobe Photoshop, you’re probably familar with the eyedropper tool. This handy tool lets users sample a color from an image for further use by providing the color’s hex code and adding it to the paint palette. It’s perfect for all those times you’re poking around the Internet and stumble upon a shade that you’d just love to incorporate into your own graphic design projects.

The Home Depot

Nix Mini Color Sensor

Nix Sensor


But what about all those times *in real life* when you spot a particular shade while out and about, but you have no way of capturing or learning more about it? Well, get ready to be amazed as there’s finally a solution! Enter the Nix Mini Color Sensor, aka the real-life version of Photoshop’s eyedropper tool. As written in the description on The Home Depot’s website, this neat little gizmo

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