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Computer vision brings shoppable video to life

September 28, 2020 | computer | No Comments

30-second summary:

  • Computer vision is a long-established segment of AI which deals with a machine‚Äôs ability to understand and process visuals and provide appropriate outputs.
  • But as computer vision is developed and refined, it is increasingly being used in retail marketing to understand consumer needs and streamline the purchase process through channels such as shoppable video.
  • Brands and retailers can upload entire catalogs and use computer vision to map all products contained within them. These products can be automatically recognized within video content without retailers having to spend hours tagging or assigning them manually.
  • Shoppable video with computer vision enables the consumer to open and browse curated product selections without navigating away from the video or being redirected through multiple pages and links.
  • AI enables deep and ongoing evaluation of visual content to help brands and retailers refine and optimize their video strategies. It allows them to move beyond generic
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