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The Oppo Watch is, as the name suggests, Oppo’s flagship smartwatch and the first with Google’s Wear OS operating system. Though it still has some room for improvement in terms of battery life and fitness tracking, in my week of wearing it I’ve been impressed at how well it handles the basics. It has a bright, responsive AMOLED screen, Google Assistant support and even native sleep monitoring. 


Oppo Watch: An Apple Watch lookalike that runs Google’s WearOS



Different prices and options to choose from

The Oppo Watch comes in two sizes: 42mm and 46mm, and three variations. The smaller WiFi only model starts at £229 in the UK (roughly US $295 or AU$400) then rises to  £329, roughly US $420 for the larger versions, which also has a WiFi-only model as well as an LTE one. The LTE version, which comes with an

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