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9 Global Experts Weigh In

October 7, 2020 | technology | No Comments

I wanted to investigate if Covid-19 has made it harder for VC’s and startups to discover each other, for startups to pitch and get funded, and for B2C and B2B customers to learn about new offerings.  One might think investors would have been paralyzed by:

·       The uncertainty of how long Covid and its economic impact would last

·       The near impossibility of in-person networking for founders and VC’s

·       Lower spending by consumers either unemployed or fearful of layoffs, and businesses whose spending has been curtailed

·       Reduced ability for consumers to discover, touch, feel and experience new products and services physically in retail outlets 

9 global experts, with different perspectives, shared their views.  To my surprise, all 9 were optimistic that on the whole, things have been much better

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