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20 Best SEO agencies in USA

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Defining Business Objectives and Goals

Defining granular requirements for each of these categories can further simplify your idea about what KPI’s you want your agency to achieve.

Here are a few sample questions for each of the category that can help define the requirements needed for your business goals.


General Questions 

  1. What is the purpose of your site?
  2. Will it sell products?
  3. Will it serve as a portfolio?
  4. Is it there to attract leads?
  5. Do you want organic search traffic or paid traffic?
  6. Who are your competitors?


Marketing Related Questions

  1. How marketing will help your overall project or SEO efforts?
  2. Do you need marketing efforts to increase leads or sales or traffic?
  3. Why paid search for your project is better than organic search?
  4. Will the paid search campaigns help your organic search results?
  5. Do you need remarketing?


Basic SEO Related Questions

  1. How much traffic do you need to reach your company goals?
  2. What is the potential in the keywords you are targeting?
  3. Is the content optimized for target keywords and LSI keywords?
  4. What is the quality of traffic you are getting from your SEO efforts?
  5. What position in Google SERPs will give you the desired traffic?
  6. How many backlinks will you need to get the required rankings and traffic?
  7. How to edit meta titles and description for better SEO results?
  8. How long will it take for the website to rank?


Technical SEO Questions

  1. Is your sitemap intact with all the pages you want to be indexed?
  2. Is your website respecting Google’s crawl budget?
  3. Do you need a log file analysis?
  4. Are all your website pages optimized for search engines?
  5. What coding language or website building platform would you want to use?
  6. How fast is your website?


Conversion Rate Optimization

  1. Is homepage your only landing page or do your subpages make money too?
  2. If it’s your homepage is the design conversion friendly?
  3. Are you already tracking your clicks?
  4. What are macro and micro goals you need to set in Google Analytics?
  5. If subpages are also your money pages, how many clicks away are they from the homepage?
  6. Do you need to A/B testing already?

Writing down such goals will help you eliminate a big chunk of SEO agencies that do not provide services listed in your goals and objectives. Not just that, they also can help decide on what type of SEO company to choose (from SEO companies classification).

Let’s see when to choose what type of SEO service in the next step.


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