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Technology is the use of scientific knowledge to create tools. The following are common types of technology.A broad class of technology based on machines that process data and perform calculations at high speed known as computers. Most modern technologies have some relationship with information technology.Links that allow devices to share data. Networks are connected to networks to create larger networks such as the internet.Devices that record data from their environment such as microphones, cameras and accelerometers.A term for the practice of embedding computers, sensors and networking capabilities into everyday objects such as infrastructure or a bottle of water.


Transport technology such as high speed trains and aircraft.


Energy infrastructure such as solar panels, wind turbines and grids.


Agricultural technologies such as farm robots.


Technologies for buildings such as elevators or smart windows.

Entertainment & Media

Tools for consuming or producing entertainment and media.

Art & Music

Devices such as music synthesizers for creating things of artistic value.


A general term for technologies that are useful around the house.

Industrial Machines

Specialized machines for industrial purposes such as manufacturing or mining.

Clothing & Accessories

Technologies that go into clothing and fashion accessories such as watches.

Medical Technology

Devices, medicines, procedures and systems designed to prevent, cure or mitigate health problems.

Assistive Technology

Devices that improve the capabilities of people with disabilities such as a hearing aid.


Research tools such as a particle collider.


Technologies for exploring or commercializing space such as spacecraft or communication satellites.A class of machines with semi-autonomous capabilities meaning that robots can handle certain tasks in real world conditions without direction.A technology that learns and self-improves.A theoretical type of technology that exhibits intelligence that exceeds the smartest humans.


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