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If you were a child of the 80s and grew up to equal amounts of blue jeans, New Wave and Glam rock, then you’re definitely one of the people whose childhoods have been touched by one of Nintendo’s most fun gadgets of the 80s: The NES Zapper! Otherwise known as the Famicom Light Gun, this timeless contraption was sold as part of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985 and the Famicom in 1984. With its unusual sci-fi look and feel, it made countless shooting games the fun they otherwise wouldn’t have had. Who doesn’t remember those guilty pleasure cheating sessions where you would just change the brightness and contrast of your television set for supreme blasting?

However times have changed and the games these days aren’t exactly ‘Duck Hunt’, ‘Operation Wolf’ or ‘Hogan’s Alley’ anymore. With the introduction of such high-power platforms as the PlayStation 3, the Nintendo Wii, and the Xbox 360, I figured that there wasn’t much of a future for the good old NES Zapper. But boy was I wrong! As I was about to auction my old reliable out for collectors, it suddenly hit me that I could do some pretty cool stuff with it.

I decided that if it would be the most awkward thing in the whole world to bang away at my old NES, then I would definitely have more of a wonderful time if I could play games like Duck Hunt on my PC instead. But would blasting ducks on my screen be as fun without the old-school NES Zapper? Hell no! So what I did was I combined my mouse and my NES Zapper for some extra pawnage! And for the days that I’m really down and I just feel like I want to annihilate a whole troop of the avian species, I fitted my NES Zapper with a laser pointer for hours of harmless fun. Just don’t tell that to the ducks!

There are in reality so many things you can do with your old NES Zapper and any old gaming console accessory that you have at home. All it takes is just a little creativity to relive the good old days of shoot-em-up!

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