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Irvine, California – ( NewMediaWire ) – October 2, 2020 – Bliss Drive Media, an SEO, and digital marketing company offers top-notch SEO services. The company assists organizations and websites in increasing their SERP (Search Engine Result Page) rankings and overall traffic. 

Bliss Drive, led by Richard Fong, an industry-expert, promises comprehensive marketing services to all their customers. As a website’s digital marketing partner, Bliss Drive offers quantifiable results that aim at more than mere online exposure.  

Richard Fong, the Founder-CEO, believes that result-driven SEO strategies are capable of helping increase a website’s online presence. His company is centered around the primary goal of acquiring better customers to eventually boost sales and profits.

What Does Richard Fong’s Bliss Drive Offer? 

Richard Fong ’s brainchild, the Bliss Drive, focuses on offering customers an assortment of SEO-related services. From targeted keyword searches, website structuring, and link building to blog curation and in-depth market analysis, Bliss Drive provides more than ordinary SEO services. 

Bliss Drive has expressed concerns over several marketing agencies resorting to outdated SEO practices like SEO stuffing, content spamming, thin content, and content cloaking to impress customers.  

However, Richard Fong thought of it with prospects in mind. He believes that SEO is as dynamic as Google’s algorithms. Thus, it is beyond necessary to work upon the following essential elements: 

● Boosting Conversions 

● Driving Traffic 

● Gaining Authority 

● Increasing Revenue 

● Achieving Low Bounce Rates 

Fong says that if these factors are achieved, the website is bound to rank high on Google’s SERPs.

Richard Fong: All you Need to Know about the Founder and CEO  

Richard Fong, an SEO-expert who has studied, analyzed, has worked in the SEO domain for over a decade. Moreover, he has very dynamic and futuristic views on SEO. His views are purely experience and fact-based.  

As he explains in several interviews as to what inspired him to venture into SEO, his views indicate crystal-clear goals and razor-sharp focus. 

Fong described his difficult childhood when his family painstakingly built a career after moving to the US. Having worked as a dishwasher and busboy, he describes his struggle as his motivation to better himself.  

He explained the start of his career as a financial analyst, a job he took up right after college. Even with a satisfactory job and frequent international travel, Fong hadn’t quite found his calling.  

Marketing was always his forte, and he wanted to work along the lines of SEO and the digital industry. He went on to learn marketing through research on the internet and then took up a position as an affiliate marketer. 

Once his savings allowed him to quit his job, he began helping acquaintances with their SEO problems. When he realized his passion and skill were paying off and giving him and his customers the desired results, he took the next brave step: entrepreneurship. 

Elaborating on his starting struggles as an entrepreneur, he said that he relied on his network and word of mouth. Even though he received inbound deals, he wanted to expand and expand faster than the others. 

Fong began another pursuit of learning along the lines of prospects, client acquisition, and sales. He got better and built what is known today as the Bliss Drive Media.  

Richard Fong’s Views on Search Engine Optimization 

In a recent podcast with Scott Mackenzie on the Industrial Talk, Richard Fong opened up about his views on current SEO practices. He began with his story of finding his way back to his passion, which ultimately drove him to success. 

Fong explained Google’s mission of organizing all the data on the internet. He stated that Google uses cutting-edge technology to find the best websites to show on their first SERP.  

According to Fong, Google’s algorithms are based on studying the core of websites and what they are all about. He mentioned the search engine’s quest for finding relevant keywords to see if the data is worthy of being listed before data from other websites.  

Fong explained how every website needs to be authoritative to succeed. He said that his company, Bliss Drive, is focussed on making their clients’ websites authority on the data they provide.  

Richard Fong clarified that on-page and off-page SEO are both crucial to land customers and drive a website’s overall traffic. He reiterated that since all the material on the internet is copied, it is very hard to determine whose data is better. 

For the very purpose of ranking higher on search engine result pages (SERPs), companies need the right SEO partner to guide them to achieving organic traffic.  

Bliss Drive: A Modern-Day Digital Success Story 

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.”  

Quoting the legendary Bruce Lee, Richard Fong, the Founder, and CEO of Bliss Drive explained what drives him to offer the superlative in all of his SEO services. He defined his company’s principle of focussing on every minute detail of the market and the changing SEO algorithms to produce optimum results.  

Now, Bliss Drive has achieved the number one spot in Google and Yelp rankings for SEO services. From its humble beginning in 2007, Bliss Drive has served hundreds of clients and helped improve their businesses by leaps and bounds.  

Founder Richard Fong, when asked about his success, said that he isn’t the entrepreneur who built his empire to fulfill his potential or to achieve personal dreams. Instead, he explained that he aimed to use digital marketing as an effective tool to help other entrepreneurs grow. 

The Final Thought 

Bliss Drive, as we mentioned earlier, has secured the premier spot in Yelp and Google rankings. This makes us praise not only their business-related success but also their personal efforts to better themselves. 

With decades of experience and top LA industry-experts on their team, Bliss Drive is paving the way for entrepreneurs. Now, entrepreneurs can construct a business with SEO-rich digital strategies that are sure to land them a worthy customer-base.  

Simply put, Richard Fong’s team of talented individuals is wired to deliver quantifiable results, including increased traffic and real income.

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