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Essential and Important tips for content management and SEO for WordPress

WordPress was first created as a platform for blogging but throughout the years it developed and evolved as a fruitful content management system. It has more than 50 percent of the market share and the best part is that WordPress is very versatile as one can develop any kind of a website with it. It is very important to optimize your website because without optimization, the website is of no use.

When you are an online running business, you will require a good online presence which will help you push your services and products. If your website is interesting, users will remain in your site for a long time and that will increase your value for the search engines. It is very important that you match up with the competition because with that your business will thrive. Plugins in WordPress is basic tools that help optimize and are part of the WordPress website development. There is a lot that programmers and designers are capable of doing and that involves technicalities that they understand in order to manage your content and SEO for your WordPress site.

We will look into a few tips here


Visibility is a fundamental concept where you require your business to be recognized by search engines. If your website is ranked by the search engine, it means that you are valued and your website will show on the top of the search by the user. There is a built-in option where one needs to make necessary adjustments in order to make your site become available to users. When you are visible to the people your business and products will automatically get more customers. That is why put more thoughts on the visibility of your website.

The Permalinks

These are basically one of the most important aspects of SEO in WordPress. When someone is visiting your pages , these are typed generally, in the address bar of your pages and these are associated by the search engines as well. Usually, the permalinks that are created by WordPress are irrelevant because they are unreadable and they have name and day added to it. There are keywords and titles preferred by search engines over these permalinks. There are different kinds of permalinks such as – numeric, plain, name and day and more.


A sitemap is a list of pages that is contained in a file that makes all search engines get attracted to your website. This helps in the quick discovery of pages but on the other hand does not contribute to boost your website ranking. This is one of the most important ways to identify and index the web page. There are various plugins which can create sitemaps. Sitemaps are necessary things that add to the optimization.

An example of the sitemap of webdevelopment agency

Focus keyword

Keywords are an important part of the wordpress optimization; they guide you to the relevant information, just what you are looking for. The success of your content depends on how you use your keywords and ranking depends on how well you are framing the information through keyword usage. First of all, you need well researched content that will drive readers and users in your website, and then you must use appropriate keywords to bring the reader’s attention to it. Placing the keyword in the right location is making the right use of it.  It is like if the crawlers find the keyword at the beginning, then it will contribute to the higher ranking.

Quality content

Quality content is an inevitable factor because it leads to driving more audience and attracting users to the website. People who scour the Internet for quality elements are looking forward to the best. When you are engaging them with quality content, you are bringing them to the right destination. If you want the website to rank exceptionally and have high quality content, you need to write well and pull your audience to the website and its services/products. Your website must have essential contents such as blogs and articles relevant to the products and services that you are selling. Appropriate quality content improves your reach and helps you with organic traffic as well. With the help of internal linking, newer traffic can be diverted to older posts.

Image usage

Just like your content , even the images that are there in your website hold importance as well because they show and display products and services. What you show your audience has a higher chances of capturing their eyes and making them look attractive. High quality images are a useful factor and because of them your website will look detailed and good as well. You must be careful while selecting the size of the image and their format as well. Images are not just enough to attract audiences but you need to have descriptions, titles and tags to them because when the user clicks on them, they will redirect to the information of the product. It becomes easier for the users and customers to understand what you are selling and that is how your website can hold importance.

F5 Studio created custom images for one of their web project

One of F5 Studio project. See full presentation of the web project 

Importance of video

Even more than images, videos have better grip on attracting the audience. When you have videos incorporated in the website, you are able to capture the audience better because of interesting graphical representation that they have. Videos are highly productive when they are used in terms of optimization because these videos can contain messages, art and features about your website and business can e portrayed well. A lot can be done with these videos and your customers and users can understand your services better. It creates a reputation and a positive impression when you have videos on your website.

Internal links

Internal links are very crucial for your WordPress website, though underrated, they are used for the algorithm for rankings. These rankings are defined by the score that your website has and internal linking certainly contributes to the score. Always make it a practice to link your own content when posts. This can boost the organic traffic reach and your site will have fresh attention from new customers because of these internal links.


Tags are basically ways to link users to the correct destination. There are mainly 6 kinds of tags – H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and H6. For improvisation and optimization of content, use H1, H2 ad H3 tags. These are essentials when you need attention of the users and forget not to be specific with these tags too.


The abovementioned tips are the basic ideas to help optimize your WordPress website when you are catering to handle your SEO and content management. You will obviously get to understand the realness of these tips once you start applying them to your website. You will require a web development service to help you with the entire framework of your wordpress website and they will follow all these technicalities and deliver you with the right results. Make sure you read all the tips, so that you can tell the developer and designer to include all of these things in case if they miss out on one.

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