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High Speed Fiber Internet Near You

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How does fiber internet compare to cable and DSL?

If you live in an area with fiber internet, you probably also have cable and DSL internet options. The type of internet you choose for your home can make a difference in available speeds and overall quality of service.

Fiber internet vs. cable internet

Speeds: Fiber internet offers starting speeds similar to cable internet, with download speeds in the 50 to 100 Mbps range. However, fiber’s fastest speeds are higher than most cable connections, with speeds up 940 Mbps or higher. You’re also likely to get faster upload speeds and more consistent speeds.

Pricing: Starting prices for fiber internet plans are comparable to cable internet and may even be cheaper, depending on the provider and plan.

Availability: This is where fiber-optic and cable internet differ the most. Fiber internet is available to a third of the U.S. population, while cable is available to more than 88%. Fiber internet is typically available in metro areas, whereas cable is likely available in metro areas and surrounding suburban communities.

Fiber internet vs. DSL internet

Speeds: Fiber internet can deliver download and upload speeds much higher than DSL internet. The speeds you get with fiber internet can support streaming in HD or 4K, gaming online and more on multiple devices. DSL internet speeds are typically better suited for lighter internet activities, such as streaming in SD, browsing the internet and sending emails. 

Pricing: Plans are likely to be cheaper with DSL service. DSL starting prices average about $20 to $40 per month, whereas fiber internet monthly price usually starts at $40/mo. or higher. 

Availability: DSL is the second most available internet type, covering 95% of the U.S., while fiber internet covers about a third of the country.

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