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Inspector Gadget is an animated television show produced by DiC Entertainment, which the titular character serves as the mascot for.

Inspector Gadget[edit]

  • Stop/halt in the name of the law! You’re under arrest!
  • (Reading) ‘This message will self destruct.’
  • Don’t worry, Chief, I’m always on duty.
  • Am I right? Inspector Gadget is always right.
  • This car is acting funny. Ah, of course, the emergency brake is on.
  • Go Go Gadget mini suit! Go Go Gadget mini shoes and mini hat!
  • Wowsers! It’s the top secret Gadget phone. (Talks into hand) Is that you, Chief? You’re where? Right away.
  • An air show? Now why would anybody want to pay to see air?
  • All work and no play makes Gadget a dull boy.
  • (Falling) Go Go Gadget ‘Brella!! (Hand delivers flowers) Go Go Gadget Copter!! (Another useless Gadget) GO GO GADGET ANYTHING!!
  • Now I’ll prove to you that Martians are just an image of your figment. Uh, I mean a figure of your sensation. Well you know what I mean.
  • Be careful, Brain, those are probably priceless fake artifacts.
  • I haven’t seen this much snow since that episode in the Arctic.
  • I’d better get a new rubber duckie. This one is too mean.
  • This place is as empty as a graveyard on Halloween.
  • No one gets away from Inspector Gadget and gets away with it.
  • When I’m following someone, I hate being followed!
  • Excellent, Capman. That’s what I call a strike.
  • You never know what might happen with Uncle Gadget.
  • Oh my gosh!
  • Oh no!
  • Wow!
  • Wowsers! (in some episodes)
  • I’d better call Brain.
  • You’re Dr. Claw’s nephew? (then her heart breaks)
  • So that’s it.
  • You’d better follow Uncle Gadget, Brain.
  • Go Go Gadget Breakfast!
  • I’m worried, Brain. You’d better follow Uncle Gadget.
  • Brain, look! Uncle Gadget’ll be crushed! [shouts] Uncle Gadget, behind you! A landslide!
  • Rowsers!
  • Roh, ro!
  • Rikes!
  • Rawr!
  • Reah!
  • Reah. Re read rone of rose.

Dr. Claw[edit]

  • I’ll get you next time, Gadget… next time! [M.A.D. Cat meows]
  • I’ll get you for this, Gadget… I’ll GET YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This nasty Transylvanian atmosphere is good for my health.
  • You may have stopped my M.A.D. robots, but you will not escape my flashing ball.
  • Gadget!? All the Gadgets are still alive!!!
  • Four legged is four armed, Gadget!

-Eliminate Gadget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gadget! ALWAYS GADGET!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I hate Gadget! I HATE GADGET!!!!
  • Why does Gadget ALWAYS WIN!!!!!!!
  • Gadget! I hate you! AND YOUR GADGETINIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporal Capeman[edit]

  • Fly, Capeman, fly! Whoopee!
  • Oh, great Inspector Gadget! It’s an honor to meet you.


  • Penny: Uncle Gadget, lunch is ready.
    Gadget: (wearing ear muffs) School? I’ll give you a ride as soon as I’m finished shoveling snow.
    Penny: But it’s Saturday.
    Gadget: Why would Penny want to go to school on Saturday?
  • Gadget: I’m on an assignment. I have to find out who’s stealing those mansions.
    Penny: I think the Chief meant that someone’s stealing things from the mansions, Uncle Gadget.
    Gadget: No, no, Penny, the Chief said mansions were being burglarized.
  • Dr. Claw: Well, Mr. Spectrum.
    Dr. Spectrum: Doctor Spectrum.
    Dr. Claw: DON’T TALK BACK!
  • Chief Quimby: Congratulations, Gadget, I don’t know how you did it.
    Gadget: Thanks, Chief. Uh, what did I do?
  • Gadget: Say, when will your shop be open again so I can come by and get a new trench coat?
    LaPoof: (getting arrested) Uh, in about 20 years.
  • Gadget: Penny, finish the breakfast and off to school. I don’t want you to be late.
    Penny: But it’s Saturday.
  • Penny: I think that nice little magician is a M.A.D. agent. Maybe we shouldn’t go, Uncle Gadget?
    Gadget: Nonsense, Penny. It will be a great fun.
  • Penny: Do you really think Dr. Claw is behind this?
    Gadget: Of course not, Penny.
  • Gadget: I must head to Everest Island for the secret mission.
    Penny: Can we come along?
    Gadget: It may be dangerous.
    Penny: Brain and I just play on the beach.
    Gadget: And I complete my mission. Well, okay. We all go.
    Penny: Hooray!
  • Penny: Gosh. Scotland is beatiful, Uncle Gadget.
    Gadget: It certainly is, Penny. This is where they make Scotch tape, ya know.
  • Penny: Brain!
    Brain: Renny!

Thelma: Doctor Claw! What an unexpected pleasure. We have a problem here. Our time machine is tore up and Gadget’s still alive.

(MADCat screeching angrily)
Doctor Claw: What?!
Thelmad: But it wasn’t our fault. Some wooly mamuffs-
Doctor Claw (amgrily) Enough! Elimenate Gadget and bring me those dinosaurs or-
Thelma: (afraid of Doctor Claw) Or?
Doctor Claw (angrily) Don’r show your face in the 20th century!

  • (A boy covers Penny’s mouth)
  • Boy: (quietly) Shh. You must be quiet.
  • (Two of Mr. Chow’s agents walk onto the deck above them)
  • Agent 1: Do you see anyone? I heard a noise.
  • Agent 2: There’s no one out here. It must’ve been a cat.
  • Agent 1: Ooh, let’s hope so. We must be sure no one has followed Dr. Claw to Mr. Chow’s floating nest.
  • (They wait till the agents leave. The boy removes his hat)
  • Boy: A thousand pardons. I was afraid the agents of Mr. Chow would see you.
  • (Penny blushes at the boy who saved her)
  • Penny: But who are you?
  • Boy: I am the grandson of your uncle’s Hong Kong contact. Mr. Chow is a very dangerous man. I wanted to make sure you were safe.
  • Penny: Gee, thanks. But now I’m afraid Uncle Gadget may need our help.
  • Boy: In that case, we’d better hurry.
  • Penny: You’re right. If Dr. Claw and Mr. Chow complete their partnership in evil, it could be disaster!

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