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Internet Access in New York: Stats & Figures

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The State of Broadband in New York, 2020

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In comparison with the other fifty states, New York is the second most well-connected State in the US. Overall, counties throughout New York State are fairly evenly connected, with the exception of Hamilton County, which has significantly lower coverage than the rest. In New York, the current average state-wide download speed is 190.5 Mbps.

The Digital Divide in New York

Two key factors play into measuring the divide between those who have sufficient internet availability and those who do not: access and affordability.

As for accessibility, there are currently 307,000 New York residents who do not have access to a wired internet option capable of 25 Mbps download speeds. Another 820,000 people state-wide only have one wired internet provider to choose from in their area, leaving them with no options in the case they would like to switch providers. Additionally, 112,000 residents have no wired internet services available at their New York address.

Examining affordability data from Q4, 2019 reveals that 70% (13.7 million people) have access to a wired internet plan that costs $60 or less per month. In this regard, New York State is well ahead of the nationwide statistics, which show that only 51.5% of consumers have access to the same.

Best-Connected Cities

The top-ranking towns in New York State with the best mix of broadband coverage, speed, and affordability are New Rochelle, Baldwin, Scarsdale, Hempstead, and Long Beach, with the highest-ranking listed first. All of these towns enjoy 100% wired broadband coverage along with a long list of other towns and cities in the State.

Worst-Connected Cities

Across the digital divide lay the worst-connected towns in New York, which are Alcove, Chippewa Bay, Sabael, Brainard, and Van Horneseville, with the lowest ranking listed last. The residents in these towns have no wired broadband coverage.

Compare New York’s connectivity with other states across the nation here.

Governmental Initiatives

In an effort to close the digital divide and expand high-speed broadband access across the State, New York lawmakers established a New NY State Broadband Program in 2015. With $500 million invested into the project, this initiative is the largest and most expansive of any state nationwide. The program is targeting both ‘unserved’ and ‘underserved’ areas of the State to increase availability to high-speed internet access with a goal of ‘broadband for all’. At the start of the program, 30% of NY residents lacked broadband access. Currently, approximately 97% of New Yorkers have wired broadband coverage.

The above information has been pulled from both public and private datasets. Find out more about our data here.

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