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Internet solutions for under-serviced areas

October 14, 2020 | internet | No Comments

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By: Floyd Matlala

It was the lack of satellite internet connectivity in remote areas that inspired the birth of Samford Satellite Internet Solutions, a newly emerging tech solution company which seeks to uplift under-serviced areas in South Africa by bringing a high speed internet connectivity to their doorstep at a lower cost.

Samford Solutions in collaboration with MorClick, a telecommunications company that offers cutting-edge broadband satellite services, recognised that one of the only ways to bring internet connectivity to areas such as farms was through satellite as it is not commercially viable to lay down fibre in these areas, or invest further in ADSL.

Brian Ford, Executive Director of Samford Solutions said due to data options from Mobile Network Offerings (MNOs) that are expensive and in some cases with stability being an issue, satellite internet connectivity has become the solution for remote and under-serviced areas as communities that are in these areas which have no connectivity are being left behind in an increasingly digital world.

“The demand for data consumption and internet connectivity is increasing at an exponential rate and with that increase comes a dire need to provide internet connectivity to all. We also then see a demand for value added services like remote security services and the agricultural sector becoming increasingly digital. With connectivity now available anywhere, the opportunities for innovation are endless.”

“We believe that data has now become a human right, and Samford Satellite Internet Solutions is in a position to provide access to data to remote and under-serviced areas,” he added.

Ford said the response from their clients has been amazing as these services could bring employment and open a whole new world of opportunities.

“We have seen the unbridled joy of customers after we installed internet connectivity, as they were not connected at all. People in these areas can now educate themselves, they can enjoy entertainment like they have never before, and they can also communicate with anyone across the planet. This will help them become digitally literate and gives them a better chance of getting gainful employment, as being digitally literate is now a prerequisite for most jobs.”


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