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Comparing Apples to Apples
Companies offer “SEO Services” from anywhere between $2.99/mo. up to $10,000+/mo. The reason for this is because not everyone means the same thing when they say “SEO Services” or “search engine optimization” or even “on page” or “off page” SEO. So let’s briefly walk through what is involved in doing SEO the right way, so you can make sure you are doing a proper comparison when considering price.

A proper SEO plan should cover the following:

On-Page SEO

  • Technical Audit
    There are some basic things that need to be done on your site to set the foundation for your SEO campaign. Any Michigan SEO company worth working with should take a look at your site as a whole and make suggestions to improve the conversion rate of your site, as well as thoroughly checking for any technical issues that might be hindering your site from getting the rankings you want.
  • Keyword Research
    After technical analysis is done, optimization continues with keyword research. This is the process of identifying which keywords searchers are using to find products and services like yours. From there, a content strategy should be mapped out to make sure that your site is targeting the correct keywords, that supporting pages are created or in place, and that your pages are optimized for conversion.
  • Content Strategy
    Content is king, and your site will need more of it, guaranteed. The more content you have on your site, the more keywords you can target and the more traffic Google will send your way. In this step, an agency should be mapping out a content strategy for your site based on the keyword research.

Off-Page SEO

  • Competition Analysis
    An SEO company should be evaluating your current digital footprint relative to your competition, which is outranking you. This should take into account how you and they have extended your respective brands online and where and how other sites have mentioned or linked to your sites. This is the research phase that sets up proper expectations and metrics for surpassing your competitors.
  • Link and Citation building
    Everything builds to this point. Without links, you probably won’t rank for any term that is remotely competitive. This is the “heavy lifting” of getting you ranked. The more links from high quality sites which are relevant to yours, the higher you will rank. If you’re a local business, you’ll also need listings in as many local business directories as possible (usually hundreds) to improve local rankings in the “map pack.”

So, what is included in each SEO package you’re considering? Factor in the number of keywords, the amount of citations, the number of links being built, the number of pages you want to target on your site, etc. when doing a price comparison. If you contact us at Scepter, we can give you a free consultation so you understand exactly what we have in mind when we send you a quote.

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