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Using software makes your life easier because you get to make changes quickly and get the results you want. Whether you have beginner or advanced skills keep learning by downloading and trying new software. Software can be downloaded from CNET Downloads and PortableApps.

Graphics software is one of the popular categories because many persons work with images in word documents, PowerPoint presentations or photo galleries. One example of a popular graphic software is Photoshop. Microsoft Windows comes with a default graphic software which is Paint. However, there are many free software that offer various features. Sometimes the ease of use and menu items is different across different software. I found it very useful to download more than one software and use them based on the features that I needed to work with. My top 3 Graphic software for quickly correcting or commenting on images are described below.

FastStone Image Viewer

The FastStone Image Viewer loads with a Windows Explorer Image Browser pane, Preview pane and File List pane. The ‘T’ shortcut is used to add JPEG comments for describing your images in details. The ‘X’ shortcut is for opening a Crop Board which allows you to select the area of the image that you want to use and save it into various file types. Another useful feature is found in the Tools menu and it is the Batch Convert and Rename Dialog. The Batch Rename feature allows you to rename multiple images using templates such as the date. The BATCH Convert feature allows you to convert multiple images from one file type into another such as BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF and PDF.


Have you ever tried to add images to your social media profile and pieces were being cut off? Open the image in Paint.NET and adjust the canvas size to easily and quickly select the right size for your profile page. First, select the Image toolbar and then Canvas Size. Second, make the changes to your canvas size. Finally, save the image using the same file type or save it to another file type.


IrfanView allows you to create Panorama images. A Panorama is a wide angle view of an image so it lets you see the full display of a building or location. First, select the Image menu and then select ‘Create Panorama Image’. Next, you can choose a Horizontal or Vertical Direction. Finally, add multiple images and save to the single image. The output is very lovely. This is useful if you want to merge your images into one image for display in a document or online.

These three great Graphics software are free and provide very useful features. You can use the features I mentioned above or discover your own favourite features to use. Graphics software are convenient, easy to use and saves time thus enhancing your productivity so use them wisely and have fun.

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