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With Christmas fast approaching and a new year not to far away, many guys will be making their wish list from father Christmas and/or will be wanting to take up a new hobby next year.

Well, if you’re into speed, thrills, spills and adrenalin fueled fun, the a petrol RC car could be for you! But what makes these gadgets so much fun? Read on to find out!

First of all their incredibly performance is a major draw to petrol rc cars. They are powered by powerful 2 stroke engines similar to that used by small motorbikes so you can only imagine the speed and power these incredible models have. Given they are big models, they are capable of speeds of up to 50mph! And not only that, they can tackle all terrain so you can take it off road and have loads of thrills and spills!

Another draw is their appearance and size. These are the largest rc cars on the market and they come in 1/5 and ¼ scale sizes. They are pretty big and measure over 2 feet long! They also look really cool as well. Whether you get a buggy or a track car, their size and appearance will set your pulse racing and add to the noise these models make will only raise your heart beat further.

Another reason to invest in one of these models is because they are also becoming a lot more popular and affordable. Manufacturers such as ShengQi have focused on quality but also kept their models affordable meaning that you can grab a petrol rc car for as little as £380 which is a bargain for models of this size. Up until recently, models of this size could cost well over £1,000!

With them becoming more popular, parts and hop ups are also becoming more available. More availability also means more choice and lower prices for you so hence there are plenty of suppliers and online retailers selling these models and spare parts.

But I think the biggest draw of petrol rc cars is that they are immensely fun! With their awesome looks, speed and power, you will have hour upon hours of fun and a new hobby to keep you entertained over Christmas and into the new year!

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