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A progressive activist group has purchased the internet domain name in an attempt to fight what they say is Donald Trump’s takeover of the US judicial system.

The site features a large photo of Amy Coney Barrett, who Mr Trump is expected to name as his choice to replace former Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the US Supreme Court. Next to the photo is a warning that Ms Barrett must be stopped.

“Amy Coney Barrett would threaten your health care and your reproductive freedom. We have to stop her,” the site reads.

At the top of the site, a bold, white header reads “Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” whose reported final wish was that her position not be filled until after the 2020 US election. 

“We have to protect Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy. This vacancy should not be filled until after inauguration day,” the site says.

Demand Justice claims that Ms Barrett is “exactly who Donald Trump said he would pick as a Supreme Court justice: someone who could be counted on to overturn Roe v. Wade and end the Affordable Care Act.”  

According to the group, Ms Barrett has “repeatedly indicated that she would strike down the Affordable Care Act” and that by doing so the Supreme Court would be “ending protections for people with preexisting conditions.”  

The group also warns that Ms Barrett would be an advocate for overturning Roe v. Wader, the Supreme Court decision that allows abortions to take place legally in the US.  

“She is also one of the favorite judges of people who want to overturn Roe v. Wade, because they know she will be a reliable vote to roll back reproductive freedom.”  

The group calls on visitors to email their senators about the situation, to sign their petition, and to donate to the group’s activist campaigns.  

Mr Trump is expected to name Ms Barrtett as his choice to replace Justice Ginsburg on Saturday.  

In a Washington Post editorial, O Carter Snead, a professor of law at the University of Notre Dame and a 15 year friend and colleague of Ms Barrett claimed that progressives and liberals should not fear her taking a seat on the Supreme Court.  

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“There is no need to fear Barrett’s faith. To the contrary, her commitment to treating others with respect grows directly out of her religious convictions,” the author wrote. “But Barrett’s love of neighbor goes beyond merely treating others with dignity. In all the time I have known her, I have never once seen Barrett place her needs above those of others.”

Still, Democrats fear that a 6-3 conservative majority Supreme Court would spell the end of programs like the Affordable Care Act, the DACA immigrant work program, and an overturn of abortion laws.  

In 2018, Demand Justice also opposed the confirmation of then-judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

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