Sinclair host spends weeks attacking Biden’s health in programming airing across the country

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ERIC BOLLING (HOST): Just six week until we find out whether Donald Trump gets a second term or Joe Biden gets a first. Biden is ahead in the polls, but as you know, polls don’t mean much to me, they never have. Yet, he leads. There is something that’s happening that we need to highlight, though. Something the polls can’t show. Something that is extremely important to the country. It’s also something I highlighted here months ago. I’ve noticed a very troublesome pattern with the former VP. Joe Biden struggles with numbers, and it appears to be getting worse. Much worse. 

BOLLING: Look, I don’t find this funny, it’s not cute, and I’m not playing these clips to embarrass Mr. Biden. However, I do think it’s important to highlight a man clearly struggling with comprehension — especially when that man in question wants to be president of our country, the most powerful person on the planet, the same man who wants us to hand him the reins to lead America into battle against a very hostile world. China wants nothing more to their core than to overtake the U.S. as the world’s most powerful economy. Russia, Iran, and North Korea, among others would love to see us fail too. So highlighting Biden’s slipping capacity isn’t unfair, it’s actually a public service. 

This is simply not OK. Again, I’m not making fun of this guy. I’m not that guy. But Biden is becoming more and more incoherent as we approach the most important election of our lifetime, and still he leads in the polls.

BOLLING: Congressman, I just did a monologue about Joe Biden may be not fit for office. What do you say?

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): Well look, it kind of seems like he’s an avatar, and you even have Harris out talking about a Harris-Biden administration, which is quite peculiar I think. And look, I think that Mr. Biden, former vice president, he’s lost a step or two and he really needs to come out and tell the American public, you know, what his health status is.

BOLLING: Interesting, interesting. He said he would do it once he was elected president. Maybe we’d like to hear about that prior.

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