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Subconscious Programming Revealed

May 4, 2020 | programming | No Comments

Subconscious programming is a skill that anyone can learn, and one that can be incredibly effective. The key is to use the right technique.

Most people have heard the old advice of using affirmations to program their subconscious, but the truth is that blindly repeating a statement to yourself over and over simply will not work.

Subconscious programming does involve using conscious statements to communicate with your unconscious, the secret is that these statements must be properly formed.

The first key is that the statement must be in the present tense, that means that they, for example, would be stated as “I am” instead of “I will”. Your subconscious does not recognise that it may currently be untrue according to your outside circumstances – it is the servant of the subconscious.

Secondly, make sure that your statement is specific and measurable. An example of a poor way to form a subconscious command would be “I am rich”, a far better way would be to use a command such as “I have $300,000”. Your mind responds to specific statements of the condition you wish to bring about, so eliminate the vague terms and goals from you vocabulary.

Lastly, involve as many of the sense as you are able to. Using statements is effective, but they are focused upon the auditory system, try to evoke the emotions that you would be experiencing if you had what you are programming your subconscious to receive. Perhaps you could visualize all of the events and circumstances that you would be experiencing, the more detail that you can include in your pictures the better.

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