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Inspector Gadget @ 80s Cartoons

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Inspector Gadget Cartoon

Title: Inspector Gadget
Country of Origin: France/Canada/USA/Japan/Taiwan
Produced by:
DiC Entertainment / Nelvana
Air Date:
Number of Episodes:
Episode Length:
22 minutes
UK Channel: ?

80s Cartoons retro rating: 4/5
Inspector Gadget Retro Rating: 4/5

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A British inspector who has the ability to command a helicopter to come out of his head or roller skates to come out of his shoes, attempts to stop the evil MAD agents from their evil plans. Luckily for Gadget he has his neice, Penny, aiding him with her computer book and she has her faithful and super intelligent dog Brain.

Inspector Gadget Theme

Inspector Gadget theme:

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Inspector Gadget Lyrics

Inspector Gadget lyrics:

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Inspector Gadget!
Inspector Gadget!

Go Gadget Go!
Go Gadget Go!


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