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The Telegraph

Daily infections not rising as fast as Vallance’s ‘nightmare projection’

Newly reported Covid-19 cases are not rising as fast as projections presented by the government’s chief scientists, Telegraph analysis can reveal. On Monday, the chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance presented a scenario in which the number of new confirmed cases could reach close to 50,000 a day by October 13 if it began doubling every seven days. Sir Patrick made clear the scenario was “not a prediction” but an example of how the virus can spread when left unchecked. It was based on the situation as of September 15, when 3,105 new cases were reported across the UK. Since the dire warning the UK has seen the highest daily rise in detected infections since the start of the pandemic for two days running, with 6,634 new cases reported on September 24th and 6,874 on September 25th. Had

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