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We all us the internet, whether we like it or not. Consider that there are over 8.97 billion mobile connections existing today, according to GMSA real-time intelligence data. That is more than the estimated population of the Earth, which is 7.71 billion, according to estimates done by the UN.

So how did the internet get its start? A number of factors came into play. The internet technically started in 1983. This was because ARPANET adopted TCP/IP. ARPANET was developed under the direction of the U.S. Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The TCP/IP protocol suite was designed in 1970s by two DARPA scientists.

The latest version of TCP/IP IPv6 can provide the internet with approximately 3.403 x 10 to the 38th power IP addresses. For all practical purposes this is close to infinity.These are unique public addresses. This would allow every device, whether it be your smart phone, toaster oven, microwave, … Read More