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On a continent where culture is often taken by outsiders and repackaged, the South African song “Jerusalema” has flipped the script.

After an Angolan dance troupe recorded themselves dancing to a hit South African house track by DJ Master KG and vocalist Nomcebo in February, they sparked a global phenomenon. The dance challenge has been embraced by everyone from lawyers to firemen and flash mobs. Sung in Zulu, the lyrics are gospel-esque, and among the most enthusiastic takers of the challenge have been people of the cloth.

The song owes some popularity to the strange internet alchemies of 2020 and the pandemic that forced creative at-home entertainment. “But it’s rare that a global movement like this starts here and then is imitated by the world,” says Moky Makura, an expert in perceptions of Africa. Moments like this are important, she says, not only for helping change how the world sees

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JOHANNESBURG/ABIDJAN (Reuters) – When COVID-19 hit Ivory Coast, Bonaventure Kra, who works at an import-export business, began to worry. Handling hard cash all day was a risk. Queuing in crowded bank branches exposed him to infection.

A woman prepares to perform a financial transaction on her mobile phone at a bank of the French mobile operator Orange in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, September 18, 2020. REUTERS/Macline Hien

Then, in the midst of the pandemic, French telecommunications giant Orange ORAN.PA launched an entirely digital bank – its first full banking venture in Africa.

“Going back to cash would be like travelling back in time,” Kra said in the country’s commercial capital, Abidjan. “I intend to use it permanently.”

Africa’s mobile phone operators are ramping up plans to bring banking to millions of Africans, in some cases for the first time, after the coronavirus crisis caused a surge in use of digital financial

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