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In the stone ages of mobile a couple of years ago, you actually had to tap on an app icon and open an app in order to access its functionality. While backwards, onerous, and tedious, this ensured that if I was ordering Air Jordans from Shoe Giant #1 or a Big Mac from Ronald McDonald, I would have at least a couple of interactions with the Nike brand or McDonalds.

Now, now so much.

Today, Google announced that “Hey Google” is the new front door to your app’s functionality:

  • Hey Google: order a smoothie from Postmates
  • Hey Google: send a message on Discord

  • Hey Google: start my run with Nike Run Club
  • Hey Google: start
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MILPITAS, Calif., Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — InnoMedia, a leading supplier of VoIP communication devices, is pleased to showcase its newest Alexa Voice Service (AVS) enabled speakerphone, the BuddyTalk BT110.


With smartspeaker functionality powered by AVS, the BT110 offers customers a broad range of Alexa-based features. In addition, through the support of Alexa Communication (ACM), the BT110 allows voice-initiated calling using InnoMedia’s internal SIP stack. A configured VoIP service provider’s account can then be used for both inbound and outbound calls throughout the service provider’s network coverage area.

The BT110 has a variety of convenient call control mechanisms: utilizing voice commands, a tablet, an integrated touch panel on the device, a smartphone app, or a standard telephone.  During calls, users can communicate either using the hands-free speakerphone, or using a smartphone or telephone handset for added privacy.

All BuddyTalk devices offer an excellent audio experience through the use

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What Is Alexa? The Best Alexa Speaker 2020

September 27, 2020 | technology | No Comments

The 3rd generation Amazon Echo sitting on a wooden side table.
Photo: Amazon

Alexa (whose name is partly inspired by the legendary Library of Alexandria in Egypt) is the voice platform that powers Amazon’s Echo speakers, including the standard Echo (2019 version), the little Echo Dot, the video-enabled Echo Show and Echo Spot smart displays, and a bunch of compatible speakers (and other things), some from other manufacturers. Alexa speakers include built-in microphones, so they can listen to your commands and then send a recording of them to Amazon’s cloud services, where the recording is analyzed and the appropriate response is triggered. That process usually takes only a couple of seconds. Naturally, some people don’t like the idea of being listened to, and we address that issue in detail in this blog post.

Several Alexa speakers are good as music systems, but the real reason to get one—as opposed to a non-smart speaker or a Bluetooth speaker—is to access the Alexa

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