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Anyscale Announces Ray 1.0

September 30, 2020 | technology | No Comments

Creators of Ray Open Source Project Unveil Ray 1.0 and Anyscale Private Beta at the Inaugural Ray Summit

Anyscale, the company behind the open source project Ray, today announced Ray 1.0, the latest version of the Ray open source project. Ray 1.0, which provides a universal serverless compute API and an expanded ecosystem of libraries, was shared with attendees at the first annual Ray Summit, along with the announcement of the private beta of Anyscale’s managed Ray platform.

With Ray 1.0, developers can build scalable libraries and applications without worrying about infrastructure. Without Ray, these applications must be developed in tandem with infrastructure for running the applications, which comes with high development costs and a lack of interoperability. By providing a general purpose API, Ray broadens the set of applications that can be built and run in a scalable serverless fashion beyond what can be done with today’s more specialized

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