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If you’re like me, you’re not gonna read all of this article. Many of you will see the headline and that’ll be all you require to formulate your opinion and then hop on Facebook to be like, “Can you believe this a—hole doesn’t read everything he reads?!” I would castigate you for such hasty judgment, but allow me now to confess something that deserves to make me an eternal pariah:
I barely ever read anything on the internet in full.
That’s right. I am a skimmer. You know how the New York Times dropped that big Trump tax return story over the weekend? Yeah no, I didn’t read all of that. Keep in mind, I’ve been horny for those returns for FIVE F—KING YEARS

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Devices, apps, robots, and everything else that makes technology essential to your modern life.



Staying secure in the modern world is more difficult than ever. Every day, we face threats to our identities, our personal information, our data, and even ourselves. From malware attacks to phishing schemes, we survey the security landscape. It takes a lot more than some anti-virus software to stay safe. We go beyond the sensationalism to assess which threats could pose the biggest problems and dig into the repercussions that ripple through our lives once security has been compromised. KEEP GOING


Sure, artificial intelligence can generate hilarious song titles and paint colors, but it’s also powering some of the most compelling new technology of our time. Machine learning and neural networks are playing larger roles in almost every device and system we use. It’s built into your smartphone, your smart home, and maybe

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Writing Articles for SEO | Wiley

May 10, 2020 | seo | No Comments

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More than 50% of traffic to Wiley Online Library comes directly from Google, Google Scholar, and other search engines. Wiley does everything possible to ensure that all research content is visible and high ranking in the search results of Google and other engines.

You can also play a crucial role in optimizing the search results for your article – helping people to find, read, and cite your work.

5 tips for increasing your article’s search engine discoverability

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1. Create a search engine friendly title

  • Include 1-2 keywords related to your topic
  • Place your keywords within the first 65 characters of your title

  • Keep your title short
  • Consider moving a phrase from your title to the first or second sentence of your abstract


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