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  • Apple announced its latest class of iPhones on Tuesday, but some analysts said the company failed to address a key point: Why the average consumer should shell out $1,000 for its top-of-the-line iPhone 12 Pro model.
  • The Pro models and “regular” iPhone 12 models can be distinguished by the extra camera lens in the pricier option.
  • But that mostly matters for serious photographers, not the average consumer.

Pricing for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is unveiled.

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Pricing for the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is unveiled.

Apple announced its latest class of iPhones on Tuesday, but some analysts said the company failed to address a key point: Why the average consumer should shell out $1,000 or more for its top-of-the-line model.


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“In past phone cycles, we have felt that AAPL makes a strong case why tech-savvy consumers should gravitate towards the highest end solution (iPhone X in 2017, iPhone XS in 2018, iPhone

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As the only successor to the 4G cellular technology used in smartphones and mobile computers, 5G was guaranteed to be a hit at some point — the only real question was how long it would take to truly go mainstream. This week, a report from Counterpoint Research suggests that a steep fall in 5G phone prices helped kick their U.S. sales into high gear, though the firm notes that the numbers will likely change substantially following Apple’s entry into the 5G market this month.

The trend lines are clear: Average selling prices of 5G phones fell by $218 from January 2020 to July 2020, reaching an all-time low of $730 — a drop of roughly 30% — while 5G phones increased their share of total smartphone sales from 3.3% to 11.6% during the same period. Counterpoint notes that the August percentage is an even higher 13.5%, aided in part by

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WASHINGTON, Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ –Nowadays, every online business endeavors to achieve high rankings on search engines. Many firms and organizations are taking the assistance of Best SEO Companies to incorporate strategies and maintain relevance in several search engines, especially Google.

One of Google’s main factors is session duration that is time spent by the users on a website. A session starts as the user visits any page on the website and ends as they leave the website. Today, it has become one of the biggest challenges for online businesses to improve the session duration. It also plays an important role in helping the website owners analyze website visitors’ behavior.

Thus, to help the online businesses, GoodFirms had conducted a survey – 14 Pro Tips On Increasing Average Session Duration to find out how to improve the average session duration of a website. In this research, about 112 marketing

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Very good systems, but Tesla perhaps promises too much, according to the NCAP.


Research has made it clear that ordinary drivers don’t fully understand how driver-assist and active safety features work. While we wait for standard procedures to truly test these system on a level scorecard, the European New Car Assessment Program revealed its latest attempt to grade notable vehicles and their technology.

With help from Thatcham Research, NCAP revealed its Assisted Driving assessment on Thursday. It breaks driver-assist features down into three scored categories: Vehicle Assistance, Driver Engagement and Safety Backup. The first category scores the systems onboard to see how effective they operate, and how multiple systems work together to assist the driver. The second category looks at transparency: NCAP scores an automaker’s marketing materials for accuracy, how the car monitors the driver to ensure they stay alert and how the car communicates its status with

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How Much Does an Average Website Cost?

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This is a question that is often asked by businesses that are trying to price out companies for web design and development. Before we get started I want to note that there is a difference between website design, website development, and web marketing. The differences are listed below:

  • Website Design – creating the overall layout, design/look and feel of a website. Developing the flow of how a page will look or where the content of the site will be placed.
  • Website Development – Taking the website design and bringing it to life via HTML/CSS and/or other web scripting/programming languages. Also, website development is the process of adding additional functionality to an existing website such as eCommerce, content management systems, and etc…
  • Web Marketing – taking the designed and developed website and promoting it via the web. Using outlets such as social media, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click, and
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