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While Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming collaboration with The Walking Dead features some cool cards, it hasn’t been well received by a large number of Magic fans. In a Twitch stream, Wizards of the Coast has addressed community concerns over the Secret Lair drop, as reported by Dot Esports.

While Magic: The Gathering has done limited crossover sets before, such as the Ponies: The Galloping collaboration with My Little Pony, the sets are usually silver-bordered cards featuring only unique art. The Walking Dead set has been revealed as black-bordered cards that are legal in Eternal formats, with mechanically unique cards that’ll open up new options for play.

Fans aren’t happy that such cards have been released in a limited run set–like other Secret Lair drops, the Walking Dead cards will be printed to demand and then never released again. Other MTG players don’t like the idea of mixing Walking Dead lore

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Sunshine Coast Health Centre is a best-in-class alcohol, drug, PTSD and trauma treatment centre based in British Columbia, Canada. The Centre is proud to announce a visually stunning new website.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – September 29, 2020 – (Newswire.com)

​Sunshine Coast Health Centre (https://www.sunshinecoasthealthcentre.ca/), top-rated drug rehabilitation and alcohol treatment program for men in British Columbia and throughout Canada, is proud to announce a new website. The new website combines stunning visuals with key information for persons and loved ones seeking to deal with trauma, PTSD, drug addiction, alcoholism and/or substance abuse issues.

“Websites such as ours need to not only convey information but convey the experience at a Centre such as ours,” explained Casey Jordan, Chief Marketing Officer. “We are so proud of our new website. The visuals convey the relaxed yet serious atmosphere, and the content conveys our treatment methodology. On the homepage, a key link goes to

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