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Angela Lang/CNET

The next big milestone for 5G in the US is set to arrive tomorrow when Apple announces its rumored first 5G iPhones. The announcement, while still just a rumor, seems even more likely than ever given Apple teased its event with an invite that read “Hi, Speed.” 

But when it comes to 5G in the US, the situation is still not perfectly clear. Over the last few weeks, CNET has been looking at how Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T’s various 5G networks are performing in several states and cities across the country. While this testing is still ongoing, despite the fact that we’re well over a year into the new 5G era, performance on all three major US carriers is still very much a work in progress with experiences that could vary greatly based on where you live. 

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The computer is a complicated companion

October 12, 2020 | computer | No Comments

I learned to type on a manual typewriter using Taperaser to make corrections. Next, I graduated to an electric typewriter. Not being a very practical person, I had plenty of trouble inserting typewriter ribbons and correction tapes, the latter designed to wipe out unwanted text.

a hand holding a remote control: It’s never too late to become computer literate.

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It’s never too late to become computer literate.

But, about 35 years or so ago, while I was still working, everything changed with the arrival of the computer era. Handwritten sheets were replaced by computer entries, correcting texts happened with a touch of a button on the keypad. It was truly an unprecedented change and I had to get on the bandwagon!

So, over the years I took plenty of computer courses at various locations, practising on a computer in the library. But I still did not own a computer.

Finally, the big day arrived: I was about to buy

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