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By Jarrett Renshaw

Philadelphia (Reuters) – The Republican National Committee on Tuesday unveiled its latest effort to attract Hispanic voters: a new Spanish-language website that helps register voters while guiding them through the voting options in their states.

The Republican Party strengthened its efforts to promote mail balloting, even as President Donald Trump continues his near-daily assault on the practice. The president’s attacks have dampened Republican enthusiasm for mail balloting.

Nationally, Hispanics make up the largest minority voting group, at more than 13% of eligible voters. Biden’s support with Latino voters across the country has dropped; they favored him over Trump by 9 percentage points in August, down from 30 points in July, according to Reuters/Ipsos data.

“In the most crucial election of our lifetime, it has never been more important for voters to have the information they need to take an action to vote, whether by Absentee, Early Voting,

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