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Lessons On Building Data-Driven Enterprises

October 12, 2020 | technology | No Comments

Chet Kapoor, Chairman & CEO at DataStax.

I joined DataStax as the chairman and CEO in October 2019. One of the best parts of this role, and all my previous roles, has been spending time getting to know some of the brightest tech leaders from global enterprises.

Building data-driven enterprises is at the forefront of innovation. Scaling multibillion-dollar businesses is no small feat in any year, and 2020 has been especially unique. As I reflected on interactions with global CIOs and tech leaders, a few learnings jumped out at me.

1. Become a data-driven enterprise — starting now.

Building innovative and scalable business models is not easy. Many of those who are succeeding in 2020 were already ahead when it came to their data and digital strategies. That being said, 2020 has forced every leader to evaluate their approach, innovate, and accelerate their digital and data transformation.

FedEx has

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