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LAKELAND, FL — Lakeland residents now have a simple way of finding out about current and future arts performances. A new website was created by the Lakeland mayor’s council on the arts to establish Lakeland as an arts destination.

The website LkldArts.org features information about upcoming performances in dance, theater, exhibitions, film, music and family events. It also helps visitors learn about ways to support the Lakeland non-profit arts community.

“This historic initiative to brand Lakeland Arts by the mayor’s council on the arts demonstrates how the collective power of arts-related non-profits is positioning Lakeland as an arts destination,” said Dr. Craig Collins, council chair.

The mayor’s council on the arts includes representatives from each of the 15 arts organizations, who were selected by a majority vote of the Lakeland City Commission. Their goal is to promote the importance of having a vibrant arts scene.

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