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Remote work will lead to more phishing attacks and threats to accounting and marketing departments, according to IT security managers.


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In the age of COVID-19, remote work is here—and here to stay, according to Gartner. Aside from fundamentally shifting the environment in which employees and managers interact, remote work has other less obvious consequences—namely, increased vulnerability to attacks.

To assess the greatest cybersecurity threats companies are facing today, and the 10 trends they should watch out for in 2021, Getapp, the software recommendation company, talked to 83 IT security managers for its Annual Data Security Report. The report found that “limited security for remote workers is the single most common vulnerability businesses are facing today.” 

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Here are the 9 trends to watch, according to the report:

1. Remote work is the top concern. 

The report recommends that companies institute “a

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Agencies from Arizona to Florida reported outages that typically lasted about 30 minutes before being restored.
The 911 problems occurred the same night that widespread outages were reported for Microsoft services.
Microsoft 365 services are coming back after major outage
Redmond, Washington — home of Microsoft’s headquarters — tweeted Monday that city phones and emails were also experiencing outages.
The service health status page for Microsoft Azure — the company’s cloud computing service — posted, “A subset of customers in the Azure Public and Azure Government clouds may encounter errors performing authentication operations for a number of Microsoft or Azure services.” Microsoft said customers “should see signs of recovery.”
A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office in Hennepin County, Minnesota, told CNN they were not sure whether their 911 outage was related to the Microsoft issue.
The New York Police Department told CNN that while their 911 services had no reported outages, they did experience issues with Microsoft accounts.
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