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We are accustomed to being constantly exposed to stimulus…be it shopping, Netflix, Instagram, or the tons of other attention-stealing activities that rule our day, attention is the currency these days and we have been too busy looking and being lost in all these until we were quarantined. Being limited in our space and exposure, we have come to see and appreciate the objects we own. Everyday common designs such as the humble mouse are such a part of our routine, we never really see how we could differentiate in them! In come the designers who took it up as a challenge to make the best of this gadget. From environmentally conscious design, a Charles Eames inspired design to a mouse design that runs away from you when your working hours are over, there is a mouse design you never knew you wanted but now that you see it, you surely

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Trending Website Designs for 2018

May 5, 2020 | website | No Comments

Ever since value-proposition became the number one contributor to the sales and growth of businesses, the importance of web design has become more and more important. Companies can boost their website’s value by using any of the latest design trends.

The 2018 web design trends are:

3D Animation

With 3D animation, businesses can turn their site into a whole new world with continuously moving realistic elements. This design trend easily catches the interest of users and makes them spend more time on a web page.


High quality images do not look surprising anymore, but living images would certainly do the trick. Imagine an interactive web design, then add some magic to a website through the movement of a number of elements on it.

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To businesses, a website is the foundation of operations of their online marketing activities. It allows viewers to know more about their company, products and/or services.

If a packaging tells a lot about the object inside, the way a website looks reveals much more about a company or business.

For a website to be set apart from the rest, it needs a design that reflects the values that a company wants their potential customers to associate with their brand. To help decide on what is best for them, these are 5 website designs that are ideal for manufacturing companies.

Responsive Web Design Layout

When a website is responsive, its pages load fast and render well in various resolutions and on different devices whether it is a tablet, desktop and mobile phone. It also indicates a useful manufacturing site.

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