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A person in a Hazmat suit covers the Facebook logo with warning tape.

Facebook is pushing yet another set of new features and policies designed to minimize harm in the homestretch to Election Day while also increasing “community” for users. But these features will do nothing to mitigate existing problems—and they will likely cause new, more widespread harms to both users and to society.

The most recent issue is a frustrating set of changes to the way that Facebook handles groups. Last week, Facebook announced yet another new way to “help more people find and connect with communities,” by putting those communities in your face whether you want to see them or not. Both the groups tab and your individual newsfeed will promote group content from groups you are not subscribed to in the hope that you will engage with the content and with the group.

These changes are new, small inconveniences piled atop frustrating user-experience decisions that Facebook has been making for

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The miracle lone survivor of a plane crash that killed 26 felt he was “in a computer game” as the jet went down and exploded in a fireball.

An Antonov An-26 aircraft, belonging to Ukraine’s air force, crashed one mile short of its airfield near Kharkiv, just minutes after the crew commander asked to land due to an engine failure.

Cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevskyi, who survived the crash and explosion by leaping from the plane, looked round to see his friend covered in flames and tried to put out the inferno.

Head of Kharkiv administration Oleksiy Kucher, who spoke to the cadet in hospital, said: “He said it was like a computer game, that when he got to his feet, he saw his friend burning.

Cadet Vyacheslav Zolochevskyi is the lone survivor of the jet crash

“And he was

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Today’s message is a friendly reminder that the Internet is one of the most dynamic places in the world. Yes, we may realize millions of people make legitimate searches on it every second of every day, but it’s easy to forget unscrupulous individuals and their malware are right beside them in significant numbers, too.

Keeping your website healthy and secure are the most essential maintenance and marketing issues in 2019, and a little preventive maintenance is worth a pound of cure.

Clients who come to me with a broken website, or a site that has poor performance, are often surprised to learn that…

  • their website has been hacked or compromised in some way
  • a lack of web server maintenance exposes security vulnerabilities
  • web server updates often break site plugins creating an increase in security vulnerabilities and performance issues
  • web server firewall setup and updates have been neglected, meaning your website
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Do you have a backup of all your website and business data?

A sudden attack on your web hosting or an employee error can cause havoc without warning.

The same goes for any information about your business stored on your computer. If your computer suddenly got infected with a virus and you had to format your hard drive, it would likely have a big impact on your business.

So what should you do to prepare for data loss?

Is your website and domain name safe from being taken hostage? Read our article: Keeping Your Digital Business Assets SAFE from Being Taken HOSTAGE

Backing Up Your website

Sometimes website hacks might not be obvious, and you really have to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Sadly, hackers can do more than just break your website. In the past some websites have been secretly hijacked with new info added to … Read More